Tuesday, January 31, 2012


In this case it was actually just two weeks worth of meals that I cooked. It was a long day, but the rewards are well worth it. All I have had to do for the last few days was just heat and eat. YEAH!!! I found many of the recipes on Pinterest (of course) and then a few tried and true. Here is what is on the menu for the next 16 days:

Cinnamon Rolls (secret recipe)
Blueberry and Choc. Chip Muffins

Pretzel Bites
We will fill in with Sandwiches, mac and cheese, pasta and leftovers from dinner.

2 Roast Chickens
Ranch Burgers
Pork Chops
We will also use left over chicken from the roast chicken to make quesadillas.

A couple of things that might help if you are cooking for the freezer for the first time. I use mainly gallon size zip bags to freeze the items in. I do get the disposable tin containers for some things, like a lasagna or the pizza casserole just because it would not look nearly as appealing if I just dumped it all into a container and cooked.

If the dish contains pasta, I under cook the pasta by half the time so that during the freezing and reheating it does not end up soggy.....so far it has worked nicely!

Here is a link to a cinnamon roll recipe, this is not the one I use, but she does have an excellent way to freeze them and this is the freezing method I use. The muffins are just those cheap ones that you just have to add either milk or water and bake. I bake them and then wrap them in plastic wrap after cooled and throw them into the freezer bag. Then all I have to do is pull out what I need and warm in microwave.

I usually date, place the name of the dish, and cooking directions on the outside of every container or bag to make it easier on cooking day.

I would love to hear about any recipes you like to cook and freeze!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

The beginning

I am really excited to have a place to post about some of my favorite things such as God, family, books, books, books, ummm yes I do love books. I also love quilting even though I am just learning, knitting, homeschooling, cooking and baking. There are quite a few things that I will be recreating that I found elsewhere on the internet and I will always post a link back to the original source.
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